Girls Golf

In 2013, First Tee – Connecticut became an officially recognized LPGA-USGA Girls Golf site. TFTCT’s Girls Golf Program will feature supplementary programs for our female participants instructed by a mostly female coaching staff and administered by the Assistant Program Director.  The goals of the LPGA-USGA Golf Program are very similar to FTCT’s, but with a special emphasis on keeping young ladies hooked on the game of golf as they learn in a positive and friendly environment. Young ladies learn to feel confident, build self-esteem, and live active and healthy lifestyles through the Five E’s of Girls Golf: Empower,  Enrich, Engage, Exercise, and Energize.

2022 Calendar of Events

Spring Girls Only Fridays Classes4/22/22 – 6/3/225:30 – 6:507 – 14
Summer Girls Only Fridays Classes7/6/22 – 8/19/225:30 – 6:507 – 12
Fall Girls Only Fridays Classes9/9/22 – 10/21/225:00 – 6:007 – 12
Go Out & Play 6/18/22 2:30 – 4:30 7+
Girls Only Summer Camp 7/12/22 – 7/15/229:00 – 3:30 7 – 14
Girls Only Summer Camp8/9/22 – 8/12/229:00 – 3:307 – 14
Solhiem Cup TBDTBD9+
Halloween Event TBD TBD 7+
Holiday Event (indoor) TBD TBD 7+
Summer Girls Only Tuesday Classes @ Fairchild Wheeler7/5/22 – 8/16/225:30 – 6:507 – 12
Fairchild Wheeler Event TBD TBD 7+

All Girls Night Out events are scheduled are at our Cromwell location unless otherwise noted. 

All Girls Golf events (excluding the Girls Only Summer Camp & Girls Only Firdays Classes) cost $5.00 to attend.

Each event will include:

  • Warm up games & ice breakers
  • Golf activities (indoor or outdoor)
  • A meal
  • Arts & Crafts

To read even more about all of our events, please visit the Girls Golf section of our blog by clicking here.

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